Re: PGP Key ring key problem

Dan Sellmeyer <dsellmeyer@...>

Had to way in on this LASTLY.. 

I HAD a great node with ALLSTAR and IRLP working AWSOME.. But not anymore..

After a month of work and frustration I am finally back on just IRLP. WOW is all I can say.

Ham radio.. The broken unlinked network that politics and peoples fat wallets profit from and complain about. Can't wait til our net converts itself to ALLSTAR with ALL the Cool features it has. Speaking time every hour, Current weather conditions and even playing the ARRL audio news... just to mention a few.

I thought hams worked hard together to be able to communicate with each other and bridge networks.. But to no surprise its really about CONTROL, POLITICS and MONEY....

Dan Sellmeyer
Operator of Node 3619 in Lincoln Nebraska

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