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Sorry if I caused any confusion. What I should have said is that it looks like EchoIRLP may be going away because of issues with the latest OS. I didn't mean to imply that EchoLink, Allstar, or HamVOIP were going away.

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> Reminds me of EchoLink with all of the bad audio levels & local repeater IDs and voice announcements. Very few that ever seem to be setup right. Not sure how EchoLink ever came to be okay to link to. Probably a good thing it is going away with the new versions of the OS.
> Mick - W7CAT Node 3464 ----- Original Message ----- From: Craig - K1BDX - Node 8724 To: Sent: Saturday, February 29, 2020 08:00:30 AM Subject: Re: [IRLP] PGP Key ring key problem > Yesterday I was listing to a very popular net being conducted over on allstar. > > A few minutes into the net, all of a sudden, every transmission was > being heard TWICE. > > Needless to say, the net was completely disrupted for about 15 minutes > while everyone was asking what the heck was going on. > > Finally someone found the problem. A knucklehead with a ham license > and an allstar node was cross linking the echo reflector into the net. > This happened with no warning and no authorization by the net control > station and the operation of the net was completely disrupted for a > quarter of an hour. > > This is why Allstar will never be anything more than a toy and I would > be embarrassed to let Allstar be involved in linking repeaters for any > emergency communications activities. > > This is not the first time someone with an allstar node has completely > disrupted an ongoing conversation by unauthorized crosslinking. > > I tried to post some of my concerns over on the hamvoip group but > David McGough blocked my message. Apparently only messages that > slander IRLP are allowed over there. As this issue/conflict over IRLP > keys unfolds, I am becoming less and less impressed with the allstar > system and the integrity of the people run it. > > Thanks, David Cameron for doing your best to keep that foolishness out > of the IRLP network. > > > On 2/19/20, Dan Sellmeyer wrote: > > Had to way in on this LASTLY.. > > > > I HAD a great node with ALLSTAR and IRLP working AWSOME.. But not anymore.. > > > > After a month of work and frustration I am finally back on just IRLP. WOW is > > all I can say. > > > > Ham radio.. The broken unlinked network that politics and peoples fat > > wallets profit from and complain about. Can't wait til our net converts > > itself to ALLSTAR with ALL the Cool features it has. Speaking time every > > hour, Current weather conditions and even playing the ARRL audio news... > > just to mention a few. > > > > I thought hams worked hard together to be able to communicate with each > > other and bridge networks.. But to no surprise its really about CONTROL, > > POLITICS and MONEY.... > > > > Dan Sellmeyer > > WB0YYE > > > >
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