Re: Problem with my Router set-up



I have the same router on AT&T U-verse (firmware version 2.5.6) and had a very frustrating time trying to get IRLP working on it.

Even after adding port forwarding and firewall packet filtering rules, the troubleshoot-IRLP script said all ports were not working (huh?). Called support and got nowhere. Looked around and found lots of people having port opening / forwarding issues with no fix posted.

What I did find is that in addition to the port forwarding and firewall packet filtering rules, I had to add under Firewall/NAT/Gaming two Hosted Applications - one for IRLP and the second for EchoIRLP UDP ports.


On 3/13/2020 2:11 PM, Gordon Smith wrote:
I have an AT&T router (model BGW210-700). If I don't use my IRLP node every day, I can connect to the echo reflector, but can't get audio back. The router info says the device is off. I am assuming the problem is that the UDP ports have timed out. I am not computer-savvy, so I am hoping one of you can guide me into the correct set-up of this router.

Thanks for reading this post.

Gordon, W9LU

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