Re: Problem with my Router set-up

Ronald Payne

You might try setting on your router the IRLP nodes IP to static then using the DMZ function of the router allow that IP address direct access to the internet. No port forwarding needed.
That the way i was able to get my node to reliably say connected.


On Fri, Mar 13, 2020 at 4:28 PM Ed W6YJ <w6yj_lists@...> wrote:

I have the same router on AT&T U-verse (firmware version 2.5.6) and had
a very frustrating time trying to get IRLP working on it.

Even after adding port forwarding and firewall packet filtering rules,
the troubleshoot-IRLP script said all ports were not working (huh?).
Called support and got nowhere. Looked around and found lots of people
having port opening / forwarding issues with no fix posted.

What I did find is that in addition to the port forwarding and firewall
packet filtering rules, I had to add under Firewall/NAT/Gaming two
Hosted Applications - one for IRLP and the second for EchoIRLP UDP ports.


On 3/13/2020 2:11 PM, Gordon Smith wrote:
> I have an AT&T router (model BGW210-700).  If I don't use my IRLP node every day, I can connect to the echo reflector, but can't get audio back.  The router info says the device is off.  I am assuming the problem is that the UDP ports have timed out.  I am not computer-savvy, so I am hoping one of you can guide me into the correct set-up of this router.
> Thanks for reading this post.
> Gordon, W9LU

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