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Phil Zocco

Hi Ron,

I replaced my 10 year old 800 MHz Ingraham HDD with an Intel DM2800MT and a Samsung 120 G SATA SSD. I thought about the Pi but I wanted to go old style.

eBay has the boards starting as low as $35 US. Not too sure what shipping would be to Canada but it's a good start. You do need to get a parallel header ribbon which attaches to the board for your IRLP card.


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well then I guess the software dates it :-) The mini-ITX board
would date it too, but more telling is the IRLP Board manual dated
January 2006 for boards version 3.0X. The computer supports a flash
card memory (not a hard drive). I'm thinking that maybe one of the
board capacitors in the audio output has gone open.

I own and maintain the node personally and it is linked by radio on
a 222 MHz link to the local repeater. Or it was. A replacement would
be at my own expense. The IRLP board (connects to the printer port)
itself seems to be OK, I might cut costs if it could be kept.



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How old is your node? aumix has not been used for years. The tool for audio is �alsamixer'


On Apr 19, 2020, at 11:04, Ron VE8RT <> wrote:

I'm troubleshooting my node, apparently there is no transmit audio
out of the computer. aumix levels look OK, running $SCRIPTS/audiotest
keys up the link radio but there is no audio. Swapping headphones out
at the computer where the interface would plug in and running the
audiotest again gives a very low level of white noise during the test.
I suspect that the mini-ITX board audio section has a problem. It is
an Intel DG945GCFL and it has run flawlessly for a few years, if it is
the board can I find a replacement with a parallel printer port cheaper
than I could switch it over to a current Raspberry Pi system?

Ron VE8RT node 1642

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Ron VE8RT <>

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