Re: IRLP automated system announcements - Audio Levels?

David Cameron - IRLP

If the level of the audio announcements is significantly higher that the node audio, you may have an old script on your node. Some of the old scripts that mixed the "node number 1 2 3 4, link active" scripts have been replaced. They used to be VERY overbearing.

There is no way to adjust just the audio of the announcements. I would suggest that the nodes you are connecting to are sending weaker than normal audio, and you have turned yours up too loud to compensate. When adjusted right, the announcements should sound the same as the audio coming in.

David Cameron

On 26/04/2020 3:27 a.m., Timothy Mc Bain - VK3MIT wrote:
Hello Group;

Is there a way to control the audio level (volume) for system automated messages that is being fed to the repeater? i.e. Something like a "Node 1234 CONNECTED" message - can the level of that be reduced so that it still plays, but isn't too loud and overbearing? Does one of the volume sliders in Alsamixer control that audio line, separate from normal voice audio?

Thank you - Tim.
VK3MIT / 6363

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