Re: Simplex node ID

Rick Szajkowski

In Canada , I id every 30 min if some one was using it or not, in the US I believe it’s every 10 min , I would treat it as a repeater as I did when simplex , as I did when it got moved to a repeater

It’s a little hard to ID a simplex node when your done , that’s a human thing

To be safe call or email the fcc or your local ARRL rep that knows about repeaters ( non attended transmitter ) to be safe and keep it off .520 !!

Listen listen and listen some more before you pick a freq to put the simplex node on

Nothing worse then put it on a Friday night rag chew freq , because you where away a Friday night or forgot to listen , and you put up the node ....... 3 weeks of a radio on and on freq , or in scan mode with a couple 5 freq , as one gets used delete it from the scan list

Asking forgiveness is not better here ,

Good luck and enjoy

Richard Szajkowski VA3RZS,VA3ZJ,VE3BTE

On Apr 27, 2020, at 1:50 PM, Albert Febraro <> wrote:

That’s what I thought.
On Apr 27, 2020, at 10:44 AM, Dave Schultheis <> wrote:

Al AAX wrote:

Should my simplex node be sending an ID over the air even though the node is usually idle? If so how can I enable this in the software?

Your node need only identify every ten minutes when it is transmitting, with one final ID at the end of a series of transmissions.

There is no need for it to identify when it is idle.


Dave Schultheis
WB6KHP San Jose

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