Re: Network disconnected script?


You are most welcome Kevin, glad I could help.

Via email we boiled it all down to Kevin's node kept dropping Openvpn and either Kevin had to reboot or restart Openvpn

/usr/sbin/service openvpn restart.

Our fix was to run a ping check every X minutes or hours (adjustable) and take a snapshot of each of the 3 pings, If the total of the snapshots = 1 or 2 we know there is some latency and need to take a look at the network but if the total = 3 then automatically restart Openvpn.

I will be putting this script up on my website, it will be called Openvpnreset.

If you're interested... It's easy to download and setup

as user repeater type;

chmod 750 openvpnreset.wb8odf

Then edit the script, all the details are inside, if ya need help just holler

I'm locked down.... HELP!!!!

** Dave Parks **
IRLP Node: 8139
Correspondent Amateur Radio Newsline

On Sunday, April 26, 2020, 7:56:35 PM EDT, Kevin B <buchholz676@...> wrote:

Just wanted to update that Dave WB8ODF and I emailed back and forth and he was nice enough to take the time to write a script for me to make this happen. It works great! I run a couple of his scripts and they are all great and very nice directions.

Thanks again Dave!


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