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Rick Szajkowski

Great to know if I ever put a simplex node back on the air 

Richard Szajkowski 

On Apr 27, 2020, at 7:28 PM, Dave Parks - WB8ODF via <wb8odf@...> wrote:

Allow me to throw this in for simplex node users as far as ID-ing.

My VOICE/CW ID scripts were written to work just like a repeater controller.

When you start the script, it sleeps until either COS or PTT goes high (which also has a kerchunk filter) when the COS or PTT does go high it ID's in the background if it's PTT or waits until COS goes low and then ID's (again in the background).

While either COS or PTT (or both) stays active the script ID's every 10 minutes, then when the COS & PTT goes low for 10 minutes it ID's one more time, making the ID the last thing your node transmits and then goes back to sleep until the COS or PTT goes high again.

The Kerchunk filter and ID timing are adjustable to allow other countries to use these scripts to be legal.

Having said all that, I believe Dave C VE7LTD built a CW ID into the IRLP software, but I'm not sure if it does all this.

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On Monday, April 27, 2020, 4:08:43 PM EDT, Rick Szajkowski <va3rzs2@...> wrote:

In Canada , I id every 30 min if some one was using it or not, in the US I believe it’s every 10 min , I would treat it as a repeater as I did when simplex , as I did when it got moved to a repeater

It’s a little hard to ID a simplex node when your done , that’s a human thing

To be safe call or email the fcc or your local ARRL rep that knows about repeaters ( non attended transmitter ) to be safe and keep it off .520 !!

Listen listen and listen some more before you pick a freq to put the simplex node on

Nothing worse then put it on a Friday night rag chew freq , because you where away a Friday night or forgot to listen , and you put up the node ....... 3 weeks of a radio on and on freq , or in scan mode with a couple 5 freq , as one gets used delete it from the scan list

Asking forgiveness is not better here ,

Good luck and enjoy

Richard Szajkowski VA3RZS,VA3ZJ,VE3BTE

> On Apr 27, 2020, at 1:50 PM, Albert Febraro <w6aax@...> wrote:
> That’s what I thought.
> Thanks,
> Al
>>> On Apr 27, 2020, at 10:44 AM, Dave Schultheis <dave6592@...> wrote:
>>> Al AAX wrote:
>>> Should my simplex node be sending an ID over the air even though the node is usually idle? If so how can I enable this in the software?
>> Your node need only identify every ten minutes when it is transmitting, with one final ID at the end of a series of transmissions.
>> There is no need for it to identify when it is idle.
>> --
>> Dave Schultheis
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