Re: Network disconnected script?


There are two private IP addresses good for this test. or They will only work if the VPN is up. Any other public IP may work fine if the VPN is up or not. Same IPs on both Chicago and Sydney.


On Apr 27, 2020, at 19:54, Dave Parks - WB8ODF via <> wrote:

You are most welcome Kevin, glad I could help.

Via email we boiled it all down to Kevin's node kept dropping Openvpn and either Kevin had to reboot or restart Openvpn

/usr/sbin/service openvpn restart.

Our fix was to run a ping check every X minutes or hours (adjustable) and take a snapshot of each of the 3 pings, If the total of the snapshots = 1 or 2 we know there is some latency and need to take a look at the network but if the total = 3 then automatically restart Openvpn.

I will be putting this script up on my website, it will be called Openvpnreset.

If you're interested... It's easy to download and setup

as user repeater type;

chmod 750 openvpnreset.wb8odf

Then edit the script, all the details are inside, if ya need help just holler

I'm locked down.... HELP!!!!

** Dave Parks **
IRLP Node: 8139
Correspondent Amateur Radio Newsline

On Sunday, April 26, 2020, 7:56:35 PM EDT, Kevin B <buchholz676@...> wrote:

Just wanted to update that Dave WB8ODF and I emailed back and forth and he was nice enough to take the time to write a script for me to make this happen. It works great! I run a couple of his scripts and they are all great and very nice directions.

Thanks again Dave!


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