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Albert Febraro <w6aax@...>

Thank you
I’ll go the route where I will leave the default time out for nodes and disable the time out for reflectors.

On Apr 30, 2020, at 9:41 AM, k9dc <> wrote:

There are two inactivity timeouts. One for node to node, the other for Reflector calls. Default values are 240 seconds and 1200 seconds respectively. Node to node is set in the file custom/timeoutvalue. The reflector timeout is set in the environment file.


Set it to the value you want. Although I would NOT suggest disabling it completely, rather set it to a value long enough for your requirements.

An even better option is if you have a particular reflector you hang out on and want that destination to never time out. Simply add an entry in custom_decode such that a particular destination is configured with the “notimeout" flag set, to not time out.

For example, I have three reflectors set to not time out, all others time out normally. custom/custom_decode entries below.

if [ "$1" = "9200" ] ; then "$SCRIPT"/connect_to_reflector ref9200 notimeout ; exit 1 ; fi
if [ "$1" = "9600" ] ; then "$SCRIPT"/connect_to_reflector ref9600 notimeout ; exit 1 ; fi
if [ "$1" = "9735" ] ; then "$SCRIPT"/connect_to_reflector ref9735 notimeout ; exit 1 ; fi

pico -w custom/custom_decode
pico -w custom/environment

You need to be root to edit the environment file. Just be very careful, a single keystroke mistake can render your node totally inoperative.


On Apr 30, 2020, at 12:19, Albert Febraro <> wrote:

Can I get an explanation on how to disable the node time out timer in the software? My node disconnects from other nodes and reflectors after approximately thirty minutes of being idle. I understand that the environment file has to updated. How can I get to that directory and file after log in from Putty. And then what value needs to be changed?
Thank you and 73,

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