Re: Change Frequency

David Cameron - IRLP

You have to make the changes from the node itself, or from a router that has the same "external IP" as the node.

I assume you are running nodes on the IRLP VPN if you have three of them. If that is the case, you have to turn off the VPN, update the IP address of the node on the IRLP servers, wait a few minutes, then you will be able to choose between the nodes behind the same IP as your browser.

If you want to bypass this, just edit the status page info on the node itself:

David Cameron

On 2020-04-30 1:10 p.m., David Snow Sr wrote:
Help I had to change my frequency and now my node is not working when i go in to the node status it brings up my one node. I am running three node from my house. If i remember there is a way to bring up the other nodes with out having it attached to only one IP Address. Any Help ??

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