Re: IRLP timers within an Echolink enabled (Dave Cameron built) Pi node #piirlp

Dave K9DC

On May 3, 2020, at 23:28, Timothy Mc Bain - VK3MIT <> wrote:
Hello Group;
When a Pi IRLP unit is operating in Echolink mode, do the IRLP timeout timers have any interaction with the Echolink connection at all, or are both systems absolutely mutually exclusive?? - i.e. they share the same box and internet connection, but outside of that, are they completely independent of one another??
Many thanks;
No. All the standard IRLP timers are in play. PTT lock of 5 minutes, COS lock of 4 minutes and the inactivity timer set to whatever you set it to in custom/timeoutvalue

Basically the IRLP software makes a standard IRLP call to a locally installed copy of theBridge conference software at (localhost). Echolink call set up is handled by theBridge after the IRLP call is established locally (yes, echolink conferences can make calla, something IRLP reflectors cannot). This is why when you interrogate the status of your node during an echolink call, it tells you, you are connected to yourself, which is actually true from the perspective of IRLP.

Echolink charges their users a annual fee (US$40) to operate a conference bridge. But they tolerate EchoIRLP installations as not really being a conference when set to a max of 2 users (the 2 users being your IRLP node and an external echolink node). MaxConferenceClients must be configured to 2, no more no less. Echolink does scan their network and will shut off your node if they find MaxConferenceClients set to more than 2. You may also run into an Echolink conference configured to not allow calls from other conferences. This can block EchoIRLP stations from connecting. If that happens, there is nothing you can do on your side to fix it.

None of us on the team really knows how the Echolink side of EchoIRLP actually works, thus we do not support the package at all. We have no insight in to the echolink network and cannot help with EchoIRLP issues at all. If you have trouble with EchoIRLP, we will probably tell you to check your echolink callsign and password (very common), and/or re-install the package. Remember the -L and -R callsigns are completely separate entities in Echolink. You must apply for a separate -L or -R callsign before the software will work.

There used to be a separate group that provided support for EchoIRLP, but they have gone silent and appear to no longer exist.


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