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Chris Schwab

Drifting WAY OT now..

I was looking at 97.113.. 

(c) No station shall retransmit programs or signals emanating from any type of radio station other than an amateur station, except propagation and weather forecast information intended for use by the general public and originated from United States Government stations, and communications, including incidental music, originating on United States Government frequencies between a manned spacecraft and its associated Earth stations. Prior approval for manned spacecraft communications retransmissions must be obtained from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Such retransmissions must be for the exclusive use of amateur radio operators. Propagation, weather forecasts, and manned spacecraft communications retransmissions may not be conducted on a regular basis, but only occasionally, as an incident of normal amateur radio communications.

You're right, it doesn't specify commercial vs government, but at the time I'm sure 97.113 never considered the possibility of manned commercial operations. 

Looping this back to IRLP, if no one else is currently doing this, what would it take to feed the audio? I have the bandwidth and could probably come up with the hardware, I'd just have no idea where to start to get the audio fed into a reflector channel. Would this best be handled on an experimental reflector?


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I think the key here is the space shuttle was essentially US government communications. Spacex & Boeing would be commercial.

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> Good morning!
> During the space shuttle era there was at least one IRLP reflector
> that carried the NASA TV audio during space shuttle missions. While I
> agree that times have changed and there are other means of following
> the missions, it was nice to be able to follow along during the
> mission while out driving around by listening in on the audio via
> With Spacex (and Boeing) soon to be launching manned missions, is
> anyone carrying this audio still, or are there plans to?
> Thanks,
> Chris N4BSA
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