Re: DTMF Regen level

David Cameron - IRLP

In the dtmfregen script is the following:

if [ -z "$DIAL_OPTIONS" ] ; then
${DIAL} --volume 25 ${1}p

That means by default the "volume" is set at 25. If you look at the dial program, there are many options.

$ ./dial --?
usage: dial [options] number ...
Valid options with their default values are:
Duration options:
--tone-time 100
--silent-time 50
--sleep-time 500
Audio output options:
--output-dev /dev/dsp
--use-audio 1
--bufsize 4096
--speed 8000
--bits 8
Audio generation options:
--table-size 256
--volume 100
--left 0
--right 0

If you want to edit the options, such as lowering the volume to 10, use the environment file:

export DIAL_OPTIONS="--volume 10"

If you want to change the tone-time or silent-time, you can do that too:

export DIAL_OPTIONS="--volume 10 --tone-time 50 --silent-time 20"

Dave Cameron

On 2020-05-04 3:26 p.m., Rich Ball wrote:
Is there a way to adjust the DTMF regen level independently of the alsamixer control?
Rich, WA2ZPX
Node 4130

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