Re: 15425 thru 15427 via comcast

Rick Szajkowski

Bridge mode is the way to go , I have a couple people I had to do that for for voip reasons and remote access to there computer 

Richard Szajkowski 

On May 7, 2020, at 12:12 PM, Randy N9NWA <rbzabel@...> wrote:

I had Comcast put my cable modem in bypass mode, note wireless is off in thad mode.

I use my own router to do forwarding!

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Has anybody having issues with port forwarding working on Comcast?


Been trying to fix 15425 thru 15427 for irlp thru their xfi ap, and it don’t work, the help group have the same issue.


Is it only me? node 8581 has the same issue


Paul KD1YH nodes 4651,8581,8433

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