Re: 15425 thru 15427 via comcast

Allan Dunn, K1UCY

This update definitely precludes updating port forwarding from the lan side of the modem.

And if I bypass my modem I lose my telephone service.

On May 8, 2020, at 11:56 AM, Allan Dunn, K1UCY <always_faithful@...> wrote:

The firmware on my modem was updated this week overnight. I live in central Massachusetts. Other regions may yet to receive this update. Network technicians have responded to us and cannot resolve the problem. They are opening a ticket to engineering. This problem is real until Comcast reissues the firmware update or revises the ifi control of port forwarding.

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On May 8, 2020, at 10:33 AM, k9dc <Dave@...> wrote:

I really doubt that. Because they are the largest SP in .US, Comcast hosts more IRLP than any other SP. If IRLP was really locked out, the screams from our network would be deafening. My understanding is the xfi app is a smartphone app, allowing for limited management of your account. It does not preclude locally managing the router from the LAN side. Back when I last had Comcast, the login was cusadmin and the password was hispeed. It is possible that has changed, so you might have to call them to get the defaults for your router.

Longer term, you might want to consider buying your own modem (~$150). Comcast charges $14/month to rent their modem, a complete ripoff.

Also keep your eyes open for alternative providers. I dropped Comcast a year ago when AT&T came through my neighborhood offering symmetrical gigabit over fiber, for less than half what I was paying Comcast for 300/25 service. Oh yeah, AT&T includes the fiber transceiver and router, with the service. $80/month flat. 1000 Mb down and 1000 Mb up. Guess how long it took me to make that decision? I paid Comcast their ETF and never looked back. :)


On May 8, 2020, at 09:45, Allan Dunn, K1UCY <always_faithful@...> wrote:
That is the way it used to be, but now you must log into your Comcast personal account to access xfi. There is a message there that xfi blocks all unnecessary open ports, but does provide for opening ports for the popular game devices. To open other ports manually there is a button, but it does not work. We are locked out of IRLP.

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