Re: dtmfdial

Dave K9DC

I’ve never used it myself, but the reference to $TXDELAY pulls the value set in the environment file. So perhaps you could increase it there. Perhaps it is not defined.

export TXDELAY=500000

But if you have a specific interval you want to use, just remove the reference and place a discrete value in your script.

usleep 500000


On May 8, 2020, at 15:42, Klaus Rung via <> wrote:

I am trying to send dtmf to the remote repeater so I am trying to increase the wait time of dtmf after keying before sending digits.

usleep ${TXDELAY:-250000}

if [ -z "$DIAL_OPTIONS" ] ; then
${DIAL} --volume 25 ${1}p

When I change txdelay to 500000 it changes back after the irlp software is restarted. How do I get to keep my new settings in this file?


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