Re: DTMF tones not recognized

David Cameron - IRLP

This is not a common problem, but it creeps up from time to time.

What radio are you using for the node radio? What audio source are you using in the radio? If the source is not a squelched, de-emphasized source, then the DTMF decoder is not able to decode due to the variance in levels in the tones.

What audio output are you using from the node radio? If it is a discriminator source, that is the problem.

Also, if the level of the audio from the node radio to the node is either very high or very low, it can affect the ability for the decoder to work. What is the input audio settings like on the alsamixer screen?

David Cameron

On 2020-05-14 9:13 a.m., Albert Febraro wrote:
This may be a common issue but being new to IRLP I'm still fine tuning my node and learning. The issue is that when I send DTMF tones from different radios the node does not recognize the tones. I have one radio (Kenwood TH-F6) that when I transmit tones the node doesn't decode them at all, however another radio (Alinco DJ-MD5) works perfectly. What is interesting is that when I'm using my mobile radio (ICOM ID-5100) I can bring up the echo node 9993, but cannot disconnect. I send a "73" but I only hear the 7 when the node returns the echoed audio. My audio levels are adjusted correctly as far as I can tell. I then have to disconnect with a different radio. When I use the Alinco HT, I get good reports audio and received audio is fine.
node 3913

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