Re: DTMF tones not recognized


Become familiar with the use of the ‘readinput’ command. Very helpful tool when troubleshooting any dtmf decoding issues.

su - repeater

Ctrl-C to quit


On May 14, 2020, at 12:13, Albert Febraro <w6aax@...> wrote:

This may be a common issue but being new to IRLP I'm still fine tuning my node and learning. The issue is that when I send DTMF tones from different radios the node does not recognize the tones. I have one radio (Kenwood TH-F6) that when I transmit tones the node doesn't decode them at all, however another radio (Alinco DJ-MD5) works perfectly. What is interesting is that when I'm using my mobile radio (ICOM ID-5100) I can bring up the echo node 9993, but cannot disconnect. I send a "73" but I only hear the 7 when the node returns the echoed audio. My audio levels are adjusted correctly as far as I can tell. I then have to disconnect with a different radio. When I use the Alinco HT, I get good reports audio and received audio is fine.
node 3913

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