Re: Debian upgrade breaks IRLP?

James <james@...> is the OpenWRT router. is the node.

I tried turning off NAT on the OpenWRT router, and internet doesn't work at all.  So I think it is designed to do that.

I did the telnet test, and I get reliable 2-way communication. (Well, sort of.  I don't know how to interact beyond prompting the node to challenge me and then disconnect.)

And as I mentioned, the troubleshoot_irlp script reports success. It says that inbound TCP and UDP are good.

I'm not sure the NAT issue would have come up at exactly the same time as the node was updated.  Perhaps I'll download the IRLP Debian 10 image and start over, but it is frustrating as everything seems to work.

On 5/14/20 7:38 PM, David Cameron - IRLP wrote:
What is the IP of the node behind the router? What is

Dave Cameron

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