Re: Debian upgrade breaks IRLP?

Dave K9DC

Yes the new router NAT appears to be working now. I see my IP anyway. I do not understand how you are using iptables to check for traffic though. I would use a tool more like tcpdump (CLI version of wireshark).

Did you try the echo reflector (9990-9999) ?


On May 15, 2020, at 14:04, James <> wrote:

You should be able to telnet to TCP 15425 and get your correct external IP in the response header. Hopefully we can rule out the router at this point.

I'm back to my original question:

* scripts/troubleshoot-irlp runs successfully. (See below)

* scripts/audio_level_test runs successfully, so I believe I have the right microphone selected in the sound system, and audio from the Kenwood is reaching the node computer.

* I can hear the local files (connected to, or files I play with key/unkey) so I know that the node is sending audio out to the Kenwood.

But if I connect to a reflector, there is no audio. Further, I can watch network traffic with iptables and there are no UDP packets arriving at the node. (But I can see the UDP packets arriving when I run the troubleshoot-irlp script.) There are some TCP packets coming in when I connect/disconnect. And the IRLP status page reflects these changes immediately, so I assume that's part of the traffic.

So it is like the node says it is connecting, but is not actually connecting.



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