Re: Debian upgrade breaks IRLP?

James <james@...>

Oh I'm too lazy to tcpdump or even wireshark.  I used to use tools like that but I over the years I find I rarely need to actually look at a packet.  I am usually more interested in where a packet is going and why.  I find I can get almost all of the information I need just by something like:

iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -j LOG --log-prefix "IRLP: "  (This one is a shotgun, it will log every packet arriving at eth0.)

Then I follow up with a tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep IRLP | grep -v | (other greps and awks as appropriate)

When I say I can see packets, I see them in real time as they get logged.  Two terminals is great - one to run the script, one to watch the packets as they arrive.

If I need to go back and look at the logs, they're still there until logrotate clears them out.

Two mysteries:

1) why can I play local WAVs, but I can't hear IRLP audio?

2) why can I see the node computer send and receive traffic when I do the test, but not when I connect to an actual node?

This is why I'm about ready to wipe the disk, install new, and restore settings from backup.  There is something seriously wrong with the node computer and it is acting inconsistently.

On 5/15/20 11:44 AM, k9dc wrote:
Yes the new router NAT appears to be working now. I see my IP anyway. I do not understand how you are using iptables to check for traffic though. I would use a tool more like tcpdump (CLI version of wireshark).

Did you try the echo reflector (9990-9999) ?


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