Garbled voice and missing DTMF

Leslie Meade

I obtained a card and cable installed the IRLP software and going through the steps on configuration.
I have a few issues that I am not sure on.  running Debian 10 with latest updates..

1. I seem not able to send DTMF to the platform? I see the DTMF light board light up when i enter DMTF on the handheld, but do not hear the far end node respond.
2. If i run this command

repeater@stn6064:~/scripts$ $SCRIPT/decode 1147

I hear the node respond but it is garbled to the point i can not understand that is being said. ( i do know what it is saying used it before building my node)

I am thinking it could be the cable? Any ideas of where i should be looking at?
Talking from the IRLP radio to other handsets give clear voice.



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