Re: Garbled voice and missing DTMF

Leslie Meade

Morning Fred,


Many thanks on pointing me in the right way 😊


  1. This is on a PC
  2. The radio that I am using is a Tait TM8110
  3. I am very new to this radio and I have not looked ( to be honest do not know where to look)
  4. My call sign is vk4les and the node is stn6064





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Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2020 11:17 PM
Subject: Re: [IRLP] Garbled voice and missing DTMF




Are you installing this on a pi or other computer?


What type of node radio are you using?


Have you checked your audio settings?


What’s your callsign and node number?


It’s very possible that your audio settings are off is what may be causing this.    Anyone trying to help you on this forum will need a little more info than what you put in your email, which is why I asked you these questions.   




Node 7845 plus 4 other nodes.


From: Leslie Meade
Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2020 2:10 AM
Subject: [IRLP] Garbled voice and missing DTMF


I obtained a card and cable installed the IRLP software and going through the steps on configuration.
I have a few issues that I am not sure on.  running Debian 10 with latest updates..

1. I seem not able to send DTMF to the platform? I see the DTMF light board light up when i enter DMTF on the handheld, but do not hear the far end node respond.
2. If i run this command

repeater@stn6064:~/scripts$ $SCRIPT/decode 1147

I hear the node respond but it is garbled to the point i can not understand that is being said. ( i do know what it is saying used it before building my node)

I am thinking it could be the cable? Any ideas of where i should be looking at?
Talking from the IRLP radio to other handsets give clear voice.




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