Re: IRLP VPN Service Announcement

Dave K9DC

To use IRLP VPN, you would need to install IRLP first. Once you have an IRLP node working, you can apply for the IRLP VPN service. The service works fine in Australia, one of our VPN servers is located in Sydney.

After IRLP is installed and working, you could add EchoIRLP to the node allowing it to make and receive most echolink calls. However it is an unsupported add-on to the IRLP installation, the group that wrote and supported it appears to no longer exist.

Your repeater would become an IRLP repeater, that can make Echolink calls on the side. Most people here would tell you that is good enough. But it is a stretch to tell you it provides full Echolink capabilities and features. It does not provide any conferencing for example. Only one Echolink destination connected at a time.

We expect your repeater be primarily used for IRLP. But Echolink calls made from it work fine, including over IRLP VPN.


On May 23, 2020, at 23:16, wrote:

Hello Dave,
My local amateur radio club is currently has an EchoLink node connected to our local 2m FM repeater, in Sydney, Australia. We are in the process of relocating the repeater to a site which does not have a fixed internet connection, therefore we need to use a 4G cell internet connection, which does not have a public IP address. We are considering changing the existing EchoLink node (running Windows based EchoLink in sysop mode) to IRLP. Would the IRLP VPN service be available for us to use in Australia? Also would like your advise what is the best way to move forward, as far as reliability and maintaining usability for our local EchoLink users? Any suggestions and advise would be gratefully received.
Paul VK2GX

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