Re: CentOS and Debian Not installing

David Cameron - IRLP

Often a Kernel Panic right off the start is a sign of bad hardware, such as failing RAM. I always try to remove half the RAM chips, try again, if the problem is the same, try the other half, if still the same, I start looking for options in the BIOS that change the panic behaviour.

You should also make sure your motherboard has the latest firmware for the BIOS.

If you can't get past the panic, Linux was just not meant to be on this motherboard.

David Cameron

On 24/05/2020 6:40 p.m., Nosey Nick VA3NNW wrote:
Chris Pitre wrote:
I was able to get some text this time, however the end result still is
not good.
last line is:
end kernel panic- not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exit
code 0x00000009
[  0.377311]     ]---
Yeah, no, the FIRST few lines of the kernel panic are far more likely to
be useful than the last few.

I think I have to assume there's something strange / unsupported /
possibly broken about your hardware.

Do any other OSes work OK, do you know?

73, Nick VA3NNW

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