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Michael Dougherty

Hello again Dave,

Thanks again for the valuable information regarding my node.

I would certainly be interested in an upgrade kit. Please keep me posted.


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That sounds like one of the first revisions, based on the VIA ML6000.
With only 256M of RAM, it will struggle running Debian 10, but it will work.
I have sold embedded upgrade kits to others running that same hardware.

You could recover and reuse the IRLP board. Perhaps consider converting it
into a Pi-based node with some minor modification.

I have considered making another batch of upgrade kits for embedded node
owners that want to breathe new life into their old nodes. The problem is I
need more than just a single order to make it worthwhile.

This kit would take a snapshot of your node and expand it out onto a new
flash drive (8GB or larger) to bring you up to date with the software.
The current hardware is all capable except the flash disk. I would make the
kits for $130, which includes Air Post shipping.

David Cameron

On 2020-05-25 8:12 a.m., Michael Dougherty wrote:
Hello Dave,

Thanks for the information.

My embedded node's OS is sys linux 3.10. Init ver 2.84 and linux
2.4.32 IRLP

Main processor is C2 667 A Mhz 133x5.0. RAM 229376K memory - DDR266 DIMM
2.5-3-3 256 M Transcend. Primary Master Transcend 2.0 Flash drive
Transcend 40 pin IDE Flash module 128. Mother board EPIA-ML rev A

IRLP V3.00 I/O interface 2002.

In the document that you sent, the screens don't seem to be quite the
same as pictured.

Even if I can ''reset'' the password, will this node still work
properly or is the hardware and software outdated ?

Can the motherboard be upgraded.

Can the software be upgraded

Can I salvage anything such as the IRLP board V 3.00

Any suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks for your help.


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This document should help you, especially if you have an older
embedded node with a flash drive.

David Cameron

On 23/05/2020 8:46 a.m., Michael Dougherty wrote:


I am new to IRLP. A few years ago I purchased a used working imbedded
node from a licensed amateur. I had to delay my amateur radio project
for health issues. Now that I am back I would like to get my node
working. I tried to re-program the node (it will boot) however I
cannot login as I do not have the login and password codes. I tried
to contact the previous owner and amateur who programmed the node
without in success. They may have moved or passed away let alone
remember the login and password. When I purchased the node there was
a 13 page manual written by Dave VE7LTD with no mention of the login
user ID and password.

Any suggestions as to reset the user ID login and password or will I
have to re-install the software.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Michael Dougherty


Node 2266

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