Re: Echolink AND IRLP use concurrently


Also NO. EchoIRLP nodes may connect to an IRLP destination, or an Echolink destination. But only one at a time. If an EchoLink call is up, the IRLP node appears to be busy to IRLP (connected to itself). Which is technically true. If it is connected to IRLP, the node is busy to the Echolink network, and no other calls are allowed.

EchoIRLP does not provide all the features of a fully functional Echolink node. If you really need that, you should not use EchoIRLP. You need a regular Echolink installation.

If your net used one of the IRLP reflectors that is also an Echolink Conference, for your net. This would allow many IRLP or Echolink stations to connect to the same net. But be aware, someone else is paying a fee to for the conference feature to work. Access to IRLP reflectors is included for free with the IRLP product.

You also might be able to set up an EXPerimental Reflector, pay echolink their fee, and apply for an EXP number for it. But that is beyond the scope of this list to support. See the link at that top of the status page for moe information.


On Jul 1, 2020, at 02:05, Stephen Hutchings <stephen@...> wrote:

We use an EchoPirlp node and have nightly nets in which up to 7-9 stations connect to participate. We also have another repeater system looking to connect IRLP to us at the same time so that their area can participate in the net.

So, can IRLP and Echolink play together well in this situation?

Stephen Hutchings WM7X
Node 7980

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