Re: Kenwood TM-V71


The V71 works great.  I have one of my nodes on one.  I replaced the stock fan for a very quiet Noctua fan I got on Amazon.

I keep mine running 5 watts typically, so it does not get hot.  If you run more power I would recommend a Noctua NF-F12 premium fan to put on the heat sink.  

The cabling is easy.  I use DB9 connectors that have terminal connectors so no soldering needed...then use the appropriate connector for the radio side.  The manual does a great job of explaining the radio side.

The radio can also be used locally when disconnected from the IRLP if you connect the microphone.

Good luck with the project!

Derek VE5DR

From: <> on behalf of Ramon Gandia <rfg8io@...>
Sent: Thursday, July 2, 2020 4:55:31 PM
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Subject: [IRLP] Kenwood TM-V71
I am interested in the TM-V71 by Kenwood.  It would allow me to purchase
a few of these radios, and deploy them in VHF, UHF mode.

What IRLP resources pertain to this radio?  Does anyone have experience
with them?

1. Does RAS work?  I mean the so-called COS signal follow the CTCSS tone
instead of just carrier?

2. Is audio before the volume control available?

3. Is there a connector that has all the signals; audio in, out, ptt, RAS?

4. How does the radio perform in a dirty RF environment?

5. Overheating issues?


Ramon Gandia, AL7X 3288, 3289, 7254

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