Hello to all,

It's been a while since I have posted here. One of my scripts doesn't work and I know the "WHY" but I'm at a loss as to "HOW" to fix it.

When my node connects to the exp reflector 0016 to listen to Amateur Radio Newsline it creates the "$LOCAL/active" file containing exp0016 as it should. When the news is finished it disconnects you, again... as it should but it doesn't remove the "$LOCAL/active" file so, my script doesn't know 0016 has disconnected.

Any ideas? Is this a bug/feature of experimental reflectors?

A temporary fix is to time the news cast (as it rarely runs over 20 minutes) so I could set a timer to stop the script at 22 minutes or so, but I'd really rather get to the bottom of this issue.

Thanks AllĀ 

** Dave Parks **
IRLP Node: 8139 / AllStar: 44108
Correspondent Amateur Radio Newsline

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