Re: Echo/IRLP

Klaus Rung

Yes, that is what I found out when I tried to make a new node a few months ago, the echoirlp installed but the audio announcements were not there any longer. I think Dave Cameron has a fix for that now so it is doable but all the other scripts people have written are also broken so it is a big pain to upgrade off of deb 7 where everything works very well still. I don't think I will move until the nodes stop working and I am forced to upgrade.

Did you find anything bad happening inside WX4E Node?

On Friday, July 17, 2020, 11:51:39 a.m. EDT, k9dc <dave@...> wrote:

I would not recommend using Buster if you really need EchoIRLP. Stretch generally works, but many of the audio bits do not work correctly on Buster.  It can be fixed, but it requires many tweaks to the EchoIRLP scripts.  The group that supported EchoIRLP has gone nearly extinct.


> On Jul 16, 2020, at 21:51, Mike Alsop <mike.alsop@...> wrote:
> Guys
> Would someone please point out again where the latest Echo files are available for Buster?? I assume this fixes the no echo announcements on connect and disconnect??
> Mike

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