Re: time announcements distorted

David Cameron - IRLP

The problem with this (and many other) scripts written years ago is that the program sox which takes the files as .ul files and pastes them together to make a single, congruent wav file to play changed its arguments, and deprecated and removed the options used.

A new speaktime was written and posted 3 years ago, but it seems to be lost in the transition.

Any program that uses sox needs to be updated if the operating system is updated.

David Cameron

On 27/07/2020 6:06 p.m., Bob740 wrote:
I contacted Dave Parks WB8ODF and downloaded his speaktime script from his web site. Works great! It has both American male and Australian female voices. I'll never know why the original speaktime script had scratchy sounding audio but it doesn't matter any more.

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