Relocating node #piirlp


I relocated from Korea back to the US within the last year and had issues getting it online.  Originally it was thought that it was purely a port forwarding issue, but now I'm thinking maybe a network problem.  My notes are below, and I would like to see if there's a document I can read up on, or something that can help me rule out networking as an issue. 

I've run the "troubleshoot-irlp" script which is a big help, and my notes are below:

On the troubleshoot-irlp script I the DNS server Name test (test 1), but fail on Test 2 (port forwarding) and I'm still working that issue.  Test 3 I have ports outbound not functioning either.  Again I am still working on the port forwarding issue.

Test 4 through 8 passes

Test 9 (Date) I set the date string and it shows current date, but when it tries "rdate", I get  "Could not connect socket: No route to host".  I'm wondering if this could be part of my port forwarding issue (a network issue).  In testing my network, I found my IPv3 address and tracerouted to the IP ok.  I cannot PING the same address.  I can even traceroute to a commercial IP address, but I can't ping it (which may be turned off at the distant end). 

If there is a document that I can read up on for these issues, I'd like to know where I can get it. 

Thanks in advance.
Dale Tongue
Node 5555 last time it was on.

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