Re: Connect and disconnect audio files are from someone else's node

Dave Schultheis

Doug BFS wrote:

It appears that when someone connects to my node 3454 it plays another nodes (possibly old) connect and disconnect audio files (someone else's callsign).
Is there a way to force it to play 'generic' audio files?
I don't really want custom connect and disconnect audio for this particular node and can't seem to find a previous post in the group that details how I would 'default' my nodes connect and disconnect files.

As I recall from someone "in the know" posting here quite a while back, it is not possible to go back to default or generic ID.

David M. suggested a way around the problem and that may be your only option.

If I am wrong, I am sure someone will jump all over it right quick.


Dave Schultheis
WB6KHP San Jose

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