Re: Mysterious Behavior since Stretch Upgrade

Allan Dunn, K1UCY

The 8581 node on a HP desktop connected to the Gardner 145.370 repeater via 9122  just had the operating system upgraded from Debian 7.0 to Debian 10.5 and is having audio problems that have the experts baffled.  The symptom there is very distorted audio coming in from the Internet.  Not sure that the outgoing is the same.

On 9/8/2020 9:01 PM, Bob DeMattia, K1IW wrote:
Our node, 4133 has exhibited a strange behavior since we upgraded to our Pi based IRLP node to Stretch two weeks ago.
To do this upgrade, we upgraded the OS and did a clean install of IRLP.  We also did an EchoIRLP
overlay, but the behavior occurs during IRLP connections.

While connected to a reflector, users report what sounds like an unmodulated carrier.  The carrier
stays until the repeater times out.

Once this has occurred, IRLP audio fails to work.  Even on connections made days later, the
connection is established but there is no audio in either direction.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Thanks & 73,
Bob - K1IW

troubleshoot _irlp passes when the repeater is in this condition, and audio level settings in alsamixer look normal.

A reboot of the entire system fixes the problem.

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