Re: Cannot connect to Admin page

Albert Febraro <w6aax@...>

Tried the http route without success. (
The IP address of the Pi never changed since day one.  The ports in the router reflect the current IP address for the Pi.

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That issue is precisely why you reserve the node MAC number to a specific IP address In the router, so it never changes. 

If the OP didn’t lock it up that way, it could simply be on a different LAN address. 

Rick NK7I

Email spiel Czech corruptions happen

On Oct 18, 2020, at 3:37 PM, Ray - KF6OJE <rtorella@...> wrote:

Had the same thing happen to me. Try typing the http:// + other info for node and try that. Had to do it that way and resave as favorite. Web browsers keep changing not to access or accept connections to unsecure web addresses.
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From: "Albert Febraro" <w6aax@...>
Subject: [IRLP] Cannot connect to Admin page
For some reason I cannot reach the admin login page when entering my node IP address. I used to be able to access it from favorites, now all I get is " Unable to connect"  Can't establish a connection to the server.
Nothing changed with my forwarded ports and can SSH to the Pi through port 22. Any ideas?

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