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My node has always had a static ip and why it changed to .209 from .150 I’m just not sure but would still like to change it back 

Sent by Bob Gauthier 

On Dec 16, 2020, at 1:31 PM, Rick Szajkowski <va3rzs2@...> wrote:

Great idea Rick , but some routers do not do this , mine don’t all DHCP sit about 300 and I set static IPs below that 

Again good idea but if you have always set static ip up in the system itself , best to stay that way 

Richard Szajkowski VA3RZS,VA3ZJ,VE3BTE

On Dec 16, 2020, at 2:19 PM, Rick NK7I <Rick.NK7I@...> wrote:

While it may not fix your present issue, if you use a router, it's often 'best' to 'reserve' an address for specific hardware (node box, printers, radio scanners, cameras etc.) in the router so that the same assignment is always given to that hardware.  This is done using the MAC address of each device needing a reservation.  Form of connection (wire/wifi) doesn't matter.  Each device can then safely use DHCP (or static).

While that may involve some hours of setup for everything on your LAN, the results are worth the effort (even if the node is placed in the DMZ of the router); that device is then ALWAYS at the expected IP address.

I also 'cluster' the assignments in blocks according to discipline (cameras are .xxx+, printers are .yyy+, computers are .zzz+ etc) for my sanity preservation.  I have an embarrassing amount of 'stuff' routinely connected to the LAN, often over 35 devices (and I live by myself); which proves I enjoy having a lot of toys?

Merry Christmas es 73,
Rick NK7I

On 12/16/2020 11:05 AM, bobgau57 wrote:
my static address changed itself from to 209, the netconfig command returns debian no longer uses netconfig and to use wicd.curses which I seem to remember 
Dave advising against. any help would be appreciated. thank you

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