Re: Newsline?


I have been out of town since Tuesday, I recorded my report for the week before I left and apparently the NEW (Fri 18) did not overwrite last weeks report.

I have just manually updated it. Skips (Ref 0016) keeps trying to download it until it gets the latest version,so give it a few and try it again...

On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 11:33 AM Jeff via <> wrote:
Where is the latest “AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE” again? Node 0016 has been working perfectly but the newest episode is not getting updated. Our local amateurs listen on our 2 meter node for Newsline on a regular basis. I know many other amateur repeaters count on this method of accessing updated programming as well.
Of course we can listen online, but we are HAMS! We want to listen on our radios! Help!!

** Dave Parks **
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