Re: pirlp sd card backup #piirlp

David Cameron - IRLP

You need to image the card OFFLINE. It can not be active. So you either need another Pi or a Windows computer and the software described in order to do it.

This is not an IRLP specific process. There are a lot of tutorials online to accomplish this. Everyone has their favourite way to do it. For example, I use the "dd" command on another linux computer to read the image, and then use the pishrink program to make the image tiny.

I also use a USB 3.0 reader/writer which speeds things up tremendously.

Dave Cameron

On 2021-05-27 2:53 p.m., Jack WS5D via wrote:
Would the pirlp accept a usb adaptor for the micro sd card and allow me to make the copy directly from the operating sd card? Or does the operating system not accept usb adaptors?  If it's possible, what would be the proper commands to enter?
Thanks again.

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