Best OS for Re-installation??

Jerry Toth

I have my IRLP install disk labeled Dayton-05 which has Fedora Core 3 as the OS. It's been running all these years with no Issue. The hard drive has a problem and when booting says no OS found. I have had the system emailing me backups for years, and I'm pretty sure I have one from April or May.

1) What OS do you suggest I use?
2) How do I get the IRLP software for Reinstall (I was able to copy most of the files from the bad drive to a Windows 10 box)

I was going to try to use the setup I have
Intel SE440BX - the power input caps do not have domes on them
Sound Blaster sound card (the audio sounds sooo good)
A New Power supply and hard drive should be the ticket, BUT...
I am open for suggestions.

The building is a controlled environment, the server has it's own UPS to take care of any power issues. So I'm real lucky in that department.

Many thanks
Jerry Toth - WJ8E
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