Re: Best OS for Re-installation??

Dave K9DC

You must start with one of the official IRLP CD images, all available for free from the documentation page,

The current version is Debian 10 (IRLP_CD_13.08.iso) but you will probably need to upgrade your hardware. Debian has no support for anything ISA, in fact it might not install on your existing computer. If upgrading your hardware is beyond consideration, then you will have to use the CentOS 4 CD at the bottom of the list, but understand that version is no longer supported.

IRLP also runs very well on the Raspberry Pi. Visit the web site to see the pre-buit options available, or you can grow your own.

-Dave K9DC

On Jun 8, 2021, at 13:06, Jerry Toth via <> wrote:

I have my IRLP install disk labeled Dayton-05 which has Fedora Core 3 as the OS. It's been running all these years with no Issue. The hard drive has a problem and when booting says no OS found. I have had the system emailing me backups for years, and I'm pretty sure I have one from April or May.

1) What OS do you suggest I use?
2) How do I get the IRLP software for Reinstall (I was able to copy most of the files from the bad drive to a Windows 10 box)

I was going to try to use the setup I have
Intel SE440BX - the power input caps do not have domes on them
Sound Blaster sound card (the audio sounds sooo good)
A New Power supply and hard drive should be the ticket, BUT...
I am open for suggestions.

The building is a controlled environment, the server has it's own UPS to take care of any power issues. So I'm real lucky in that department.

Many thanks
Jerry Toth - WJ8E
Node 8786

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