Re: getting node 1642 back on

Dave K9DC

Nothing at all is read from the USB stick on boot. The USB stick contains the file irlp_backup.tgz, which contains all the IRLP files unique to your node. The file is used to REINSTALL IRLP on whatever platform you are now going to use.

If you say NEW, you will get a new node number assigned and the backup configuration will be discarded. Basically it creates a real mess that can only untangled by the Installs volunteers.

After answering REINSTALL to the type question, you will further be asked if you want to perform a CLEAN REINSTALL. Generally when switching platforms, especially if the existing node has been around for a while. this is a good idea. A CLEAN reinstallation only grabs only your callsign, node number and PGP keys from the backup file. Everything else is brand new and complete. The main thing you want is a full and complete environment file, with all the new variables required for Debian 10. You will have to set up any extra features or codes separately.

Dave K9DC

On Jul 4, 2021, at 01:35, Ron VE8RT <> wrote:

Hi Larry,

I'm taking another try at getting node 1642 back on. I've followed
the instructions from the link you have below, but I have not selected
NEW as I'm transitioning from a PC to a Pi. I have back-up USB stick
from the PC and have re-booted with it in, other than a few lines
appearing after boot up about irlp I don't know what if anything was
read from the USB stick.

Are you still able to help me with this or should I send an e-mail to

Ron VE8RT node 1642

On Sun, 31 Jan 2021 23:46:30 -0800
"larry_n7fm" <> wrote:


Here is some more info.
I should have included this link with the first email.


Larry - N7FM

On 1/31/21 6:48 PM, Ron VE8RT wrote:
Its been months since my node, 1642, failed. I'd like to get it
going again, and I'm open to ideas. It will likely be less frustrating
and faster to consider new hardware and I'm open to ideas. Not a deal
breaker, but I would like to have it run on battery power for a while
if the power goes out. This afternoon I did some online research on
the PiIRLP, I expected more examples and documentation online than what
I found.

Construction, downloading and saving image files, etc., are all
doable here. I have RPi 3B to work with if that is the suggested
direction to go.

Where to start?


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