Re: 20 years for Node 5960

Rick Szajkowski


I have been on and some time off for over 20 years now also

Keep up the great work

Node 212 ( ops 2120)

Richard Szajkowski VA3RZS,VA3ZJ,VE3BTE

On Jun 12, 2022, at 12:34 AM, John <gielisj@...> wrote:

´╗┐Hear Hear,
Dave, light up the candles, and we'll all fly over for your birthday
and help blow them out.

Cheers from Down Under
VK4JKL & co


On 12/06/2022 1:26 pm, K7FZO wrote:
We join you in sending our thanks to the IRLP team. Our node 7808 has been on the air since the summer of 2002.
73 de K7FZO / Thom

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