Re: 20 years for Node 5960


On 12/6/22 1:12 pm, Phil Zocco wrote:



Just wanted to mention that this weekend marks my 20th anniversary with IRLP and node 5960, originally node 596.


So far so good. Thanks to Dave C, Dave G and all who have helped me thru the years.

This weekend, 21 years ago, 6300 (formerly 630) became the first IRLP node in VK3.  My own node - 6390 (639) followed in the first week of September that year.  6390 is currently offline (but reporting to the servers), until I can get a chance to rebuild it on a new PC. 

Time flies, as even the newest part of my IRLP infrastructure - reflector 9550, turns 13 later this year.

-- 73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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