Re: 20 years for Node 5960

Gary - AG0N

On Jun 11, 2022, at 21:12, Phil Zocco <n1bow@...> wrote:

Just wanted to mention that this weekend marks my 20th anniversary with IRLP and node 5960, originally node 596.
Congratulations, Phil!

Hey, do you know anyone with good working knowledge of Dave’s embedded node? I bought one (slightly used one month) from a guy. It was on the air for a bit and then he lost interest and went away from it. He offered it to me for half price so I grabbed it to replace my crashed node (computer). I have installed a new firmware chip from Dave (LTD), but have had a lot of medical issues come up, as well as mental ones.

I need help! I’d like to put it on the air so my node is back on. Every time I get it out and look at it wanting to work on it, I mostly draw blanks. I’d really like to get back on the network so I can get to other more important things. The firmware from Dave is supposed to be set up with my 3055 number, despite the fact that it’s been off the air for quite awhile.

Any help or steerage you can provide would sure be welcome. I’m just hoping I am capable of getting it back up and running.

Gary - AG0N

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