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If hooked direct to the repeater the only way you will be able to unkey the Node prior to Repeater tail going away is to pick a place/logic where the BC-50V outputs the tone decode logic signal. That way the node will switch off when the repeater user unkeys and decode logic changes. That logic spot should become the COS input on the NODE wiring.

Since the tone decode changes instantly the repeater tail can continue on the repeater with whatever you have it set for without keeping the NODE transmitting during the tail time.

Not familiar with a BC-50V so can't point you to the decode logic source. I'm sure there are others that can if you ask. Or maybe you know already.

Good Luck

Larry - N7FM

On 6/22/22 2:48 PM, David Bevington via wrote:
Thank you for the link.
My node is connected to my BC-50V repeater direct it has a built-in controller. So far I have not been able to find an adjustment for hang time.

I would like to adjust the value for timing of IMIKE, and I see there is a warning do not tamper with this file unless you know what you were doing.

I have been able to make some changes to the node via root but not positive about how to get to this file and make changes.

Dave W6TNT

On Jun 21, 2022, at 10:50 PM, larry_n7fm <larry@...> wrote:


You didn't mention (or if you did I missed it) how you're connecting your IRLP node to your repeater.

If using a controller with linked ports to add the IRLP to your system program the IRLP Port to have zero Hang time.

If wired direct to your repeater take a look at this link <> It give pointers on how to wire logic to prevent tail and ID's from being sent out on IRLP.

Larry - N7FM

On 6/20/22 5:20 PM, David Bevington via wrote:
I appreciate the input thank you for taking the time to send me that info.
When I got the node I was able to get it working Wi-Fi. I have since hooked it up via cat six Cable and don’t remember how I got it on Wi-Fi.

The repeater and node are working great together, open for everyone in Lone Pine to use just trying to eliminate the squelch tail from being sent through IRLP node.

Thanks again
Dave W6TNT

On Jun 20, 2022, at 1:51 PM, Richard Jamison via <jamisonrd@...> wrote:

PiRLP node from Dave Cameron comes with wifi turned off. You would have to turn it on to switch from ethenet to wifi.

As far as repeaters go, I have only indirect knowledge. Usually one programs the repeater so that DTMF code will allow the repeater to access the node and allow connections to reflector channels or other nodes.


On Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 03:57:03 PM EDT, David Bevington via <w6tnt@...> wrote:
Hi all,
Happy Fathers Day.

I am running PIRLP node # 7123 I have two questions,

1. I now have the node connected to the internet via cat 6 cable and would like to know the command to turn off the wireless and where to put the command?

2. I would also like to know if I can make it so my BridgeCom BC-50V can work with a squelch tail without sending it thru the node?

Thank you in advance.
Dave B

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