G.L. Net Wed 8pm ET - REF1 Audio Fixed?

Randy Neals <rneals@...>

Hi Folks,
Your invited to join us Wednesday Night at 8PM Eastern Time for the Great Lakes Net on Reflector 1. Node 910
We have taken more steps to fix the audio delay problem on Reflector 1 and would appreciate a few stations joining us to test Reflector 1 and see if the Audio Delay is gone. < I sure hope it is! >
We cleaned up the DNS records for the IP address we are using for the Reflector 1 and ensured that reverse lookups are working properly so that nodes do not experience any undue delay trying to reverse lookup DNS info about REF1.
If you want to check out the Internet path from your network to reflector 1 you can traceroute (tracert on windoze dos prompt) to ref1.irlp.net.
Hope to talk to you Wednesday evening