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David Cameron - IRLP

I have generated and uploaded 4 new videos already. Keep the suggestions pouring in....

IRLP - How to run the IRLP Troubleshooting Script

IRLP - Entering or Changing Status Page Info

IRLP Obtaining, receiving, and installing an IRLP VPN Certificate

IRLP- Upgrade a Pi-based Debian IRLP node to the latest release

David Cameron

On 2020-03-31 10:05 a.m., David Cameron - IRLP wrote:
Dear IRLPdom,
Although I work in an "essential service" as an Engineer for the local First Responder Radio Network, I am finding myself with a lot more spare time as I can't do anything outside of work hours any more. As such, I figured I would make a request to people for Tutorials they want to see on the IRLPHelp YouTube page.
I will use a screen recorder and SSH to log into either a local node (or even a remote one) and walk through the process I would use to solve the problem, install something, etc. It will be very similar to ones already on the IRLPHelp page:
I also can use a local camera to show physical things like modifications, board testing (COS, PTT, etc). I have a limitation that all of the videos using screen capture will be performed using software on Windows. However, most of the same tools exist on other software. I also do not have a lot of software to merge video files, so don't expect professional transitions :)
I am hoping to do a number of these over the coming weeks, so your part is to give suggestions as to what you would like to see demonstrated. The only thing I ask is that is pertains to things supported by IRLP, such as node builds, configuration of the node, IRLP VPN, Pi-based nodes, PiRLP, Embedded nodes, etc. This will exclude things like EchoIRLP, IRLPvCON, or third party scripts.
Some of the ones I plan to do first are:
- How to use the troubleshoot-irlp script
- How to obtain and install an IRLP VPN certificate
- The technical details behind a node-to-node call
- The technical details behind a node-to-reflector call
- Port forwarding 101 - What ports are required and how do you set them up (using my router anyhow).
Please send your suggestions to my personal email dcameron@..., and I will triage them to come up with a schedule.
Stay safe.
David Cameron