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Would any one happen to know the cos point on the dj596 mk11, I have two of these, and wish to use one for a mobile node.

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Milt Duquette

Hello John

Here are the 2 manuals. 
User manual and service manual


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Ramon Gandia

On 8/13/20 7:29 PM, Milt Duquette via wrote:
Hello John
Here are the 2 manuals.
User manual and service manual
On the 596, there is an IC that is the audio output.
One of the pins is the B+. Or the power pin for the IC.

When the RAS is satisfied, that means, both PL and COR
are good, then a driver transistor switch passes B+
to this IC, and there is audio output.

I think, not sure, it is one of the corner pins. If
your battery is 9.6 volts, then almost 9.6 will show up
on this pin.

Solder a wire here, and you are good to go. No need
for a pullup resistor! But 9.6v may be a bit much for
your controller or IRLP board to handle. So you will
need a resitive divider. Say, 10k and 3.9k in series.
From IC pin to 10k, then 3.9k then ground. Pick the
RAS signal from the junction of those two resistors.

Then, no signal = 0v. RAS will be about 3 volts.
You can adjust those values.

I made up 4 of those nodes using a 596 or a 496, and
they all worked well as far as that goes.

The radio needs to be in a quiet RF zone. What often
happens is that noise will trigger the RAS, and once
open, if the noise persists, it will stay open. This
is often the case in a city, specially downtown. In
a quiet rural setting, they might be ok. But be
careful ... a HOUSE can generate lots of birdy RF.
Cable TV specially bad. Ethernet likes to trigger it.
Search for a quiet channel. If you have been "assigned"
a channel, you may be unfortunate.

That is not the fault of the squelch, but the radio's
front end. I drove a schoolbus for years. We had
Motorola CDM1350's etc. They were always breaking
squelch. Worse was the gas pumps at the local fillig
station. Had to turn the radio off ... and remember
to turn it back on when I drove away!

Its a good radio, and unless you lock the PTT on one
of those IRLP nodes that are always on, it handles the
heat quite well.

Ramon Gandia AL7X
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